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Sze - The Healable

Family & couple therapist

for Asian Immigants

Never let the family you came from 
damage the family that comes from you

My therapist journey started selfishly for personal reasons. 

I grew up in a single-parent family, combined with grieving, excessive responsibility, and a deep attachment with my mom.


We didn't have any relatives around when we moved to Hong Kong, so we relied on each other to get through life.

Finding out the secret underneath 

When I was seven, my mom got physically very sick, and I became her main support. I thought it was just a normal part of life. But when I was eleven, I found some hidden pills in her drawer that were meant to help with severe depression. I realised then that my mom was going through something really tough.

I searched online to understand what depression meant. It made sense - her mood swings, trouble sleeping, and avoiding people. I wanted to help her, but she didn't believe in mental health. She thought she could tough it out and that I was making things worse.

I decided to learn about mental health to try to change her mind. I read books and left them around for her to see, but she didn't pay attention. So, I made a promise to myself to become an expert in the field, hoping that she'd listen to me someday.

Yoga - Art Therapy - Inner Child healing.png

If I become the expert, things can be different

After high school, I started my journey to become a social worker. I joined volunteer groups and learned everything I could about mental health.


And throughout the years, I explored therapy, art therapy, and different ways of healing like yoga, aromatherapy, and mindfulness.


I was building a toolkit to help not just my mom but also others who were struggling. And it worked for a lot of them. 

But even with all this knowledge, my mom still didn't believe in mental illness. Our relationship was strained, and it was hard for both of us.

The true healing begins at that moment

And the moment for my healing started when I decided to stop seeking an apology from her and focus on healing myself.


I set boundaries, learned how to communicate better, and understood the family trauma that had been passed down through generations. I was determined to break this cycle for the future.

I hold onto a belief:


"Don't let the pain from your past harm the happiness of your future."

My Approach

I believe deep inside us, there is this childhood version of ourselves holding the unsolved emotions there. The child inside us is waiting for us to talk, hug and show love. And doing that, helps us to integrate the inner child into our adult selves, leading to greater emotional well-being and fulfilment. Our child loves to play, move and create, that's what makes The Healable, one of the greatest platform for you in connecting.

The holistic arts approach allows us to access and process emotions in a non-verbal way. And also it can help to integrate the body and mind, which can be helpful in addressing unresolved emotional issues that may be stored in the body.


This integration can lead to a sense of wholeness and well-being.

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About me

I am Sze, a Hong Kong immigrant living in Europe. I am a registered art psychotherapist, CYT500 Yoga Instructor, mindfulness and meditation practitioner, aromatherapist and sound healer. I believe in all these creative elements in healing and I am passionate in spreading that power for more people to know. 

I have seen the effect of my approach on my own healing. Now I want to bring it for you.

The Healable is for ...

In general, my approach can be beneficial for anyone who is looking to better understand and heal their past trauma and improve current relationships.


But especially for Asian immigrants who have:


Had difficult or unstable childhoods for their relationship


Unresolved emotional issues that are affecting their adult lives


Struggle with self identity


Difficulty forming healthy relationships in their parent-child relationship


Experienced emotional pain or mental health concerns

Listen from others who worked with me

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