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The Asian Psychotherapist
for immigrants, families & couples

Heal mother wounds for healthy relationship

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Never let the family you came from
damage the family you build.

The Healable is for ...

In general, my approach can be beneficial for anyone who is looking to better understand and heal their past trauma & improve relationships.


But especially for Asian immigrants who have:

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Challenging childhoods

A person who grew up witnessing their parents' constant arguing and divorce might struggle with trust and commitment issues in their own romantic relationships.


Self-identity struggle

An immigrant who moved to a new country at a young age, adopting a new culture and language, might face a lifelong struggle in reconciling their original cultural identity with the one they've assimilated into, leading to a constant sense of cultural and identity conflict.


Unresolved emotions affect adulthood

Someone who experienced physical abuse as a child may find it difficult to manage their anger as an adult, leading to conflicts in their relationships or even legal troubles.


Struggling with being a good parent

If a person's parents were neglectful during their upbringing, they may have trouble connecting with and nurturing their own children, potentially repeating the cycle of neglect.

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Who is Sze?


Navigating the stigma of therapy

within my Asian family

Discovering my mother's hidden depression medication at eleven drove me to learn about mental health in hopes of helping her, despite her disbelief in therapy. I pursued a career in therapy, developing a toolkit for healing through various methods, but my mom remained skeptical. For my healing to begin, I eventually shifted my focus to healing myself and breaking the cycle of generational trauma. 

Free tools you use in your days


Wonder to know more about Asian immigrants' mental health?

From practical exercises and therapy worksheets to creative art therapy activities, you'll find tools to nurture your emotional well-being. Dive into daily journals, enjoy exciting date night ideas, and access helpful parenting tools. Moreover, explore holistic approaches to caring for your emotional, physical, and spiritual self. 

Success Stories

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