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About Me

My journey began while studying social work, but I found the environment too stressful and wanted to serve people on a deeper level. I found art therapy to be a powerful tool for clients from different backgrounds but realized the importance of incorporating somatic elements such as yoga and healing tools for my own self-care.


Through this journey, I have helped my clients build a toolbox for coping with difficult times, using a non-verbal and less directive approach, in addition to traditional talk therapy.

I decided to focus on inner child healing because of the realization I had while working with couples, those with mental health issues, and those struggling with addiction. I noticed that a lot of the issues my clients were facing were rooted in their childhood experiences. Healing from these experiences is essential for them to move forward and lead a fulfilling life. I found that by focusing on inner child healing, I was able to help my clients access deeper levels of healing and self-discovery, ultimately leading to more positive outcomes in their mental health, relationships and overall well-being.

  • HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist 

  • CYT500 Yoga Instructor

  • Certified MBSR Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator 

  • Certified Aromatherapist 

  • Certified Sound Healer 

  • Former Social Worker in Family Organisation 


Language: English / 中文 / 廣東話 

What is Truama-informed Yoga & Art Therapy?

TIYAT is an approach that combines the use of art and yoga in therapy. It is a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit.


In sessions, clients are encouraged to use body movements & art-making as a means of exploring and expressing their inner experiences, emotions, and memories. This non-verbal way of communication can be especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to express themselves verbally.


The yoga aspect of this approach involves working with the body, through movement, breath and mindfulness to release tension, emotions and memories that are stored in the body.


The art-making and somatic practices are used together to help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their emotions, and the patterns that are holding them back from living a fulfilling life. In my work, I develop TIYAT as an additional approach to traditional talk therapy, to help clients access deeper levels of healing and self-discovery.

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